Notary for ABC Forms & ABC Applications

Notary for Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

We look forward to assisting local brewers, wineries, distilleries and others with Type 20, Type 21, Type 41. Type 47 and Type 48 licensing applications. We can visit you at a time and place that is convenient for you! We’ll ensure that your documents are handled with care. Schedule an appointment today, we’d be glad to help!

Notary for ABC Liquor License Applications and Renewals

Obtaining a liquor license (or renewal) may take work, but it has a lot of worth in the end! Along the way, you’ll stumble across the ABC-208-A Affidavit, ABC 208-B Affidavit, and the Application Questionnaire ABC-217. These forms will require owners or officers to appear before a notary public. SD Signings is very familiar with this process and provides notary services for many local brewers and liquor vendors. If you need help with the notary of any ABC forms, schedule an appointment today. We will gladly come to you with an experienced notary, saving you time and ensuring a smooth processing of your application. These signings typically take place in just a few minutes so that you can get back to providing great beers, wines, and liquors.

Commonly notarized ABC Liquor License Forms

  • Individual Personal Affidavit ABC-208-A
  • Individual Financial Affidavit ABC-208-B
  • Application Signature Sheet (“Sign-On”) ABC-211-SIG
  • License Transfer Request (“Sign-Off”) ABC-211-A
  • Application Questionnaire ABC-217
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