Benefits of being a Notary

Let’s explore all the positives of being a notary public. Are you trapped in a nine to five job and want to get out? Have you been wanting to start a business based on values and priorities important to you? Maybe you’ve wanted to prioritize family time before work? Stuck in an office? Want to improve your resumé? Want to make an additional come? Want to help the community? These are the real achievable and every-day benefits of being a notary!

1. It’s an inexpensive start-up


Almost Free: costs to become a notary range from $200-$400 and are easily reimbursed.

Becoming a notary is easy and achievable. In California, most of the tasks needed to complete to become a notary can be accomplished in a single day.  The costs to become a notary begin at just a couple hundred dollars. This money can be made back quickly once you’ve received your notary commission and stamp (about 2-3 months later).  Loan signings pay $200 on average from escrow companies. Attorneys pay $100-200 for estate plan signings. Standard mobile transactions pay $75 for a signature or two.
With that in mind, there’s certainly not a lot of time lost or money spent to get started. If you’re weighing the alternatives of college, trade schools, investors, or other big commitments, becoming a notary is easy. In fact, it can help financially toward other things.


Limited taxing: notary signature fees are not subject to self-employment tax.

Let’s say you became a notary and everyone came to your home or office. If you only charge the state-regulated ‘per-signature’ fee for your services, it isn’t taxed. Other services like mobile fees, delivery, or copy services may fall under the self-employment tax, but not those signatures. That means you can make extra money on the side or full-time with limited stress of putting away for taxes.


No Overhead: minimal and inexpensive supplies necessary for notary.

To act as a notary you need a journal, an ink pad, a stamp, and some pens. That’s it. You can grow your business with an overhead cost of close to nothing. As you grow, you can incorporate new services. You could become a notary signing agent, you would simply need a laser printer, paper, and toner cartridges. Again, It’s a cost of a couple hundred dollars, but the money is easily made back through signings. Some notaries conduct loan signings all day long at fees of $200 per signing. If you wanted to serve as a mobile notary the expenses incurred would include gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance.  You can change your business structure to be exactly what you need, maybe you’d like an office space, or promotional materials, or advertising. All of these things can be attained and bring back a profit if reasonable. Really, all that’s needed to act as a notary is a journal, a little ink, and a meeting.


2. Get out and about, go mobile [notary].


Travel the city

For many notaries, operating as a mobile notary provides an opportunity to get out of the office or house. Set up periodic appointments around town. This can serve as an opportunity to find great spots to eat or popular neighborhood spots around town. You can meet with people within their homes, offices, or local cafes.


Meeting new people

Notary appointments are always face to face transactions. If you open yourself up to all avenues and industries of potential business you may find yourself meeting with a wide variety of people in. Your customers from all walks of life have important affairs to attend to. Notaries make friends with locals and business owners while also available to people in less fortunate situations like hospital and prison visits. We’ve worked in transactions that create new architecture around the city, brought orphaned children overseas to new loving parents in the US, and have helped move big companies to new ventures. The people you meet along the way are incredible.


Observe and Learn

As notary takes you into new workplaces and industry, it is also an opportunity to learn new things. You are not only meeting with the makers and creators, your visiting their environments, and a part of their paperwork. By observing and learning what is happening, you can quickly learn more about loans, real estate, investing, building, new business, law and other industry. It’s interesting and fun to be a part of new and big changes that typically come with the paperwork.


3. Write your own Schedule. ‘Hustle’ or create space.


Create your own availability and boundaries

You can be available to notary services when you want to. Operate as a notary during work hours or take it after hours. There is a need for notary into the night. Most people often can’t sign paperwork until after work.   If you’d prefer to work in the evening, the work is available. If you’d rather work during the day, most business owners would rather sign during their working hours. Real estate, law, and finance are all moving during the day and they need notaries too! You let your clients know when you’re available!

Find your sense of freedom with proper boundaries. Use your values and priorities as a guide to communicate your boundaries to customers. It’s best to be clear and honest with your customers. If you’d prefer not do asap work or are uncomfortable notarizing documents, set those boundaries clearly in advance. By doing this, you’ll open yourself up for doing the work you enjoy and want to do.



4. Run your own business, Full or part-time.


Choose to be self-employed, start a business.


Are you ready for something new? Have you been wanting to start a new business? Are you intrigued and excited at the opportunities notary can offer you? Lots of notaries choose to take their experience with their notary commission into full business. You can work full time, employ a small team, or contract notaries all over the country. Perhaps you want to integrate courier or other special services to your business. This is a business that doesn’t demand large amounts of overhead to begin and is easily made a niche business based solely on your personality and values. Is it oversaturated? Not really. Sure there are a good amount of notaries, most of them simply serve their workplaces and most of them operate entirely different than you will. There is a greater need. That provides you an opportunity to change the industry and bring in income.

Bring in an additional income or start a part-time business.

If you’re not ready to go full-time, you can start after hours or on the weekend. Use your part-time service to perfect your routine, become more comfortable, and decide how you will create your business. Notary serves as a great additional income for families. Some people don’t want to work notary full time and are perfectly happy within their workplace. Utilizing notary as a side business can simply help to bring in additional funds towards savings or fun.


Draw more customers to your current business.


If you are already self-employed, attract more customers to your business by offering notary. This works great for store front shops, insurance services, financial institutions, law firms, construction companies, realtors, and other services open to the public. Meet and draw in new potential customers by fulfilling their need for notary. A face to face meeting easily personalizes your other products.

5. Fulfill a community need

People will always need a notary
Better protect
help the community

6. Improve your resumé

It’s easy
It’s a plus for your employer!
Law Offices, Banks, Insurance Offices, Government Offices, Escrow and Title Companies, Mortgage Companies, Real estate Office. Even a storefront business. Construction company or architecture company.

7. You can make approximately $75-$200 an hour.

Loan Signings, Estate Plans, Hospital Visits, Prison Visits, Real estate Documents.