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SD Signings Notary FAQ Contents

Answers to Notary questions for California.

Do you provide virtual or online notary?

No. By law, In California we are unavailable to provide online notary services at this time. Explore notaries within the state of Virginia, Nevada, Texas, or Florida that are available to provide online notary services. Also see sites like

Signer speaks another language? Do I need a translator?

No. SD Signings is able to provide Spanish speaking notaries. With time, we can do our best to coordinate a notary that speaks another language for you. California guidelines indicate the notary must be able to communicate with the signer directly. Translators are not allowed in this instance. If you need a notary that speaks a language besides English or Spanish, it is best to search online for a notary that advertises their ability to speak that language. Utilize notary directories like to find a foreign language speaker.  After doing an initial search by zip code, you can further filter the options by language, etc..

Can you translate documents?

No. We can never change or draft documents in anyway as a notary (by law), even translation. We can still notarize a document in a foreign language without knowing what it says, see below faq. Also, if you would like to translate it yourself, have it translated elsewhere, and provide us a sworn statement of its correct translation, we can notarize that statement! 

Document is in a foreign language, can you notarize it?

Yes. We can notarize a document in any language as long as it is completed with no blanks and the signer is willing to sign it. Signers do have to be able to communicate in person with the notary in a mutually understood language. 

Do your notaries accept credit card? What other forms of payment?

Yes! We accept credit card, cash, check, and most forms of common payment. We can accept credit card on site at the time of the appointment or over the phone. We also accept online payments by paypal or credit card through our invoicing to businesses.

Why doesn’t SD Signings offer ASAP Notary Appointments?

At this time, we’re a small boutique team that book up quickly. It’s unsustainable for us at this time to reorganize throughout the day. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to meet this need in the future. In the meantime, we know that there are 4.4 million notaries in the USA and so many of them are awesome concerning same-day!  Ultimately, SD Signings aims to provide our customers with proactive excellence. We want to give you our best! In 15 years of service, we have found that there are few good outcomes from a rushed work. It’s important to us to prepare for a great experience ahead of time. Our team is fully-committed to our currently scheduled appointments even before our meetings. We are taking time to proof-check, organize, and ensure excellence in our notary processing. It is also very important to us to be mindful of our notaries and their families. Schedule us first thing tomorrow, we’ll be fresh and excited to help! If you need a notary asap, there are lots of other great services to choose from:


Is SD Signings an Approved Notary Service for loan documents?

We accommodate loan document signings all day long, every day. Are notaries are on multiple approved lists for companies such as Fidelity or First American! There is a good chance we are approved with your loan or escrow company. If not, we can usually meet their expectations with a quick email. We hold high insurance policies and background certifications to meet company vendor guidelines. There are thousands of lending institutions, if we aren’t on the list, let your lender or escrow know that you’d like to use us. You are a paying customer with the right to choose. There is some give in that.

Can you Print, Deliver, Overnight, or Scan a set of documents?

Yes. We offer lots of additional services to accommodate your transaction efficiently and entirely. Let us know what you need. Additional service charges may apply. We have large printer/copier/scanners to attend to large print jobs effectively according to the appropriate page parameters.

What if a signer does not have an Active Government-issued ID for my notary appointment?

If a signer doesn’t have an active drivers license, passport, or military ID. Two uninterested persons that can identify the signers will also suffice. They will need to identify themselves with the aforementioned IDs and they can affirm the identity of the signer to the notary public. See notary appointment preparation.

Do you have a notary that visit Jails or Detention Facilities?

We do visit jails, prisons, and detention facilities very often. We are familiar with the process. We can print out scanned documents, have them signed within the facility and returned promptly. You are also welcome to meet us at the detention facility with the documents. Schedule online here or visit the contact us page and shoot us a message for urgent signings.

How does a jail notary appointment process work?

Notaries can visit a jail, prison, or detention facility without an appointment. Contact us or schedule a confirmed appointment online. We will reach out to you. As notaries, we are unable to provide the documents by law. Once you have your document ready, email it to us and we’ll print it out for the appointment. You can also meet us at the facility with your document. Once we have the document, we will send a notary into the facility within 24 hours (typically). Your document will be immediately signed /notarized. We will coordinate the best way to get a document back to you quickly. Learn more about detention facility here.

Can a notary help me draft documents or answer any legal questions?

No. A notary is unqualified to provide legal advice. We simply verify your identity and your willingness to sign a document or swear an oath. If you are unsure of what kind of document your receiving agency needs, reach out to them directly. If you need help with legal advice, an attorney is always best. 

Do I need an Acknowledgement or Jurat?

California state law does not allow us to choose as we are unqualified to provide legal advice. Your best bet is to contact the receiving agency of your document and ask them what they require. Ask them what they want for their processing. Acknowledgment certificates contain verbiage in which the notary indicates a signer has acknowledged they personally signed the document before them. A Jurat certificate contains verbiage in which the notary has received an affirmation or sworn verbal confirmation about the document’s being true and correct. We can let you know the difference between an acknowledgment and jurat, here.

Do your notaries visit medical health care facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes?

Yes. we visit hospitals and nursing homes frequently. We understand these may be sensitive moments, we want to protect you and everyone moving forward. Our main concern is that the signer of the document can hold a full conversation with our notaries for everyone’s protection.  (If this is questionable, read on here, “elderly and frail”.)

During the Covid-19, coordinate a visit with nurses and hospital staff in advance. It is possible for us to meet with patients. Social workers and hospital staff can help with our approval. Health facility notaries need to be handled with care to protect the signers. We do take extra precautions to ensure everyone is protected. The signers must have satisfactory ID (see appointment prep page). The signer must be in a good state of mind to make sound decisions. The signer must not be under the influence of medications or any substances that will affect their decision making process. The signer must be willing to sign the documents on their own accord. Lastly, if signing in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home, the site ‘ombudsmen’ must be present for the signing of any health care related documents. We do ask a series of questions to ensure a signer is oriented, fully understanding the nature of the documents. This is for everyone’s protection.

Does my document need to be completed entirely? Why can’t there be any blanks?

California state law says “no blanks” when a document needs a notarial act. Completing documents in full is meant to protect the signer and their intentions. If there are blanks within a document, they can be filled in at a later time by someone else completely altering the signer’s wishes or statements. Completing documents in full protects everyone. California makes this law for good reason.

Do you provide notary 24/7 , after hours, early mornings, and weekends?

Yes and no. We are not a service that is readily on call. With advance notice, we will gladly schedule appointments after day time operating hours for your convenience.

Is there a fee for cancelled appointments last minute?

If you contact an 1-1/2 to 2 hours in advance. We waive any cancel fees at this time. If our notary arrives to your appointment location and the signing is cancelled, we do charge a time/travel fee starting at $70 to accommodate our notary’s time/travel and missed reservations.  

Do you provide Medallion Signature Guarantee?

No. This entails verification of information that we cannot provide.  This is a service that is provided by a banking institution that you’re a customer of. It confirms your identity, signature, and legal authority to transfer securities. As notaries, we also verify identity, but the Medallion Signature Guarantee is issued by financial institutions that can further verify your authorities to financial matters. 

Someone already signed. Can you notarize the document if the signer isn't present or unavailable ?

No. California requires the signer to present before the notary. The signer is identified and conveys willingness in the notary’s physical presence. California law does not allow virtual or remote notary.  Visit for information on remote notary.

Does SD Signings officiate Weddings or Provode any Marraige Licenses/Services

No. We only offer standard notary services. Marriages can typically be coordinated through the San Diego County Recorder’s Office ( ) – They can offer marriage documentation and procedure.

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