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Notary for San Diego Detention Centers

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Notary for San Diego Detention Centers (Jails & Prisons)



How to prepare?

  • Have your document ready and completed in advance
  • Ensure signer’s name on the document matches name in detention records
  • If signer’s name on document is longer than detention records,  please provide further ID to ensure we can match notary certificate exactly with your document name.
  • Once document and ID are ready, you may email, send, or meet us with the document at the detention facility.
  • Costs start at $125 for most facilities, and starting at $175 for Vista. They may be paid after the appointment.

How does the visit work?

  • Once the notary has the document to be notarized, they are available to enter the facility. 
  • Notaries are classified as a ‘Professional Visit’ and may enter into the facility without an appointment
  • Once inside the facility, the notary will meet with the signer for document review. After docs are signed, we exit the detention center. 
  • Typically these appointments range from 20-60 minutes depending on the availability of the staff at the facility.
  • We can give notarized document right back in person or through the mail. 

How to setup an Appointment?

  • Contact us or schedule online through the schedule notary now button at
  • Let us know the information about the signing within your notes
  • We will contact you to setup everything up via email/phone.
  • We can arrive to the facility and back with your document in as little as 24 hours.
  • We take extra steps before, during, and after the appointment to ensure best processing.


SD Signings offers notaries traveling within San Diego County prisons and jails. We are considered “pro visits” or “legal visits” and can have access very quickly to individuals that have been incarcerated. If you have an important document that needs notarization with a local jail or prison we are glad to assist you.


Power of Attorney within San Diego Jail or Prison


The most common document signed within a San Diego Detention Center is the “power of attorney”. The power of attorney document typically grants over chosen powers to a close family member or friend to take care of bills, vehicles, bank accounts and property needing attention back home.  By law, a notary is not allowed to draft a power of attorney or provide legal advice. This document can be drafted by a trusted lawyer or attorney for specific protections. It is also commonly found online or within office supply stores. As the Power of attorney typically requires notarization before it is recognized. We will gladly go within the facility to retrieve signatures from your friend, family member or individuals requesting our services.


Notary Procedure within a Prison or Jail


We coordinate with attorneys, families, and friends of individuals incarcerated to have documents notarized in a timely manner. Most transactions happen with a 24 hour turnaround. Here is the process.

  1. Documents are delivered to notary by email, an advance meet-up, or directly at the detention facility lobby.
  2. Notary will enter into prison or jail immediately promptly to witness document signatures.
  3. Notary will bring back documents to the appropriate party quickly by delivery, courier, mail as per instructions.

See notary pricing and costs. 


Notary for San Diego Jails, Prisons, and Camps


  • San Diego Central Jail
  • George Bailey Detention Center
  • Las Colinas Detention Center
  • Vista Detention Center
  • South Bay Detention Facility
  • La Cima Conservation Camp
  • Other facilities upon approval

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SD Signings provides an experienced traveling notary to your home or workplace by appointment.

Common Documents Requiring Notary in Prison / Jail

  • Power of Attorney
  • Vehicle Impound Release
  • Storage Unit Affidavit
  • DMV Transfer Forms
  • Affidavits
  • Declarations
  • Letters
  • Statements

Schedule Notary Now Online

Schedule now, pay after appointment.