Notary 101: How to live a life on call and survive.

The self-employed notary and a life ‘on call’.

In the beginning, being a notary created a life of freedom for you.  Now, you feel responsible to your clients and want to be available to them when they need you. The trouble is, it often falls on inopportune times. Rush last minute services can and will take a toll on you eventually. Where’d all that freedom go? Why is it that you’re feeling overwhelming responsibilities again? what do you do?

Prioritize and set boundaries.

There are things outside of work that are really important. What are they to you? Is it family? Is it personal time? Is it other commitments? How will you protect these things? Work is important and it does provide for you and other responsibilities, but don’t let work destroy your life. Set your priorities and people will adapt and respect those boundaries, or they wont. If people don’t respect your boundaries, this is the work that is not sustainable, it will overtake you. You want sustainable work. Work, plan, and commit to set limits so that you are protected to do the things that are important to you. Make clear your boundaries. Sure, there are people who believe it is a noble cause to stand by the phone 24/7. Is it sustainable? Is there integrity in doing something you don’t want to do? Isn’t it more honest to provide people with the services that you want to provide wholeheartedly? It’s ok to set the phone down at dinner time for your family. It’s ok to set hours for personal time. It’s ok to participate in something that’s important to you.  By doing these things, you’ll find renewed energy for doing the work you want to do. It will reinforce and fuel your desire to grow the business you started initially.

What boundaries do you need to set?

  • No emergency appointments. This will result in energy toward quality work and planned appointments
  • Calls go to voicemail on your terms. You can give attention to the things that are important or preplanned.
  • Pass on the work to someone who is willing. Passing along referrals helps others do the parts of the job you don’t want to do. It comes back around!
  • Don’t be a hero. More times than not, it’s in vein. Rushed and high-maintenance requests are usually full with errors and processing problems. It also tells people that you’re willing to do those jobs whenever they arise. Don’t be a hero.
  • Uphold integrity, and be honest. Say no to the things you don’t believe in so that you can make room for the things you do believe in.

Keep sane in the calm before the storm.  Be ready.

So you’ve set your boundaries, but maybe you are still waiting for work. There’s something about the service business, it’s all or nothing. When you’re busy, your mind is occupied and you’ve got things to do.  It’s when nothing is happening that the anxiety creeps in. Will you ever work again, or is everyone going to call you in 5 minutes?   Let’s say there’s nothing on the calendar, you decide to do other things like household chores, marketing, or other errands. Out of nowhere, the calls DO come in and you’ve got to go now. That can be frustrating! So what helps If you’re living on call? We say, “get ready during your down time”. If your gear is organized and your professional clothing is ready to go, you’re near ready to go. It’s easier to be ready without the additional stress of taking showers, preparing clothes, organizing your gear, etc… Find ways to be ready for anything anytime.

When ‘On Call’, what ways can you prepare to be ready to go during down time?

  • Prepare all your clothes and have them ready. (Wash, iron, dry clean, etc)
  • Restock and reorganize all of your professional supplies.
  • Use down time as training time. Study or dive into audio books to get better.
  • Just keep working. Market local businesses, start a blog, invoice clients at a coffee shop, etc
  • Prepare meals for being on the run. If you have a quick meal always handy, that speeds up the day!
  • Reorganize your values, vision, and mission again and again. Continually get better.


Rest. Rest. Rest.

You MUST find a time to rest. Rest renews you. When you’re not sure how to go on, find rest! This doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping, of course that may be what you need. Rest is turning work off. Go enjoy something and use on call time as a few good moments to yourself.  There may be an overwhelming amount of responsibilities in your life, but still, find rest.  If you’re on over drive all the time you will not be able to operate. Let go, relax, and separate yourself from work. You’ll find that you will bounce back. After rest, After time to your self, and after you turning off,  you will be refreshed and want to get back out there. This is so important. You’re mind was built to be recharged.

Ways to rest.

  • Nap, Sleep, Zzzs.
  • Turn off the work, all of it.
  • Get Coffee with a friend
  • Find time alone.
  • Enjoy nature, it’s free.
  • Self Care.


Make being ‘On Call’ worth while

Ket’s be grateful! If you’re busy being grateful, you can’t be upset. Be happy about being ‘on call’ or don’t do it. Find your reasons for making it ok. Remember the alternatives. You’re not actually working in this moment. You’re not stuck in a cubicle. Make being on call worth your while. Find something that you can do during that down time that makes being ‘on call’ worth while. Grab a book, get coffee with your family, align what’s important, or hustle towards a passion. They say the geniuses are the ones that choose to be creative when there seems to be no alternatives. You’re a genius, get really creative, be grateful, and create a opportunity where others can’t see it.

Make being ‘on call’ worthwhile.

  • You’re not in a cubicle
  • You have free moments
  • You can get errands knocked out
  • Spend time with people
  • Read a book, learn, or relax
  • Get lunch
  • Enjoy something
  • Work toward something you care about.


Keep Hustling. Take time to Realign


Being ‘On Call’ may be a time where more than ever you’re realizing what’s important. Utilize those moments, and listen to those thoughts. It’s time to realign. Do something about it. Make a plan and make changes to make “On Call’ work for you, or not.

What do you need to realign?

  • Values
  • Calendar
  • Procedures
  • Your Boundaries
  • Priorities


Celebrate the work.

You’re getting paid or you’ve found moments of freedom from the full time grind. You get to choose where that money goes. Celebrate where you are!