Notary for your Loan Documents

Notary for Bank and Private Loans

SD Signings has provided expert loan signing agents to serve banks, private lenders, escrows, and mortgage companies all over Southern California for over 15 years. We serve as an approved vendor for many esteemed escrows around San Diego. We know that we represent you and your clients when we meet them at the signing table. We provide personal service with professionalism, punctuality, and precision to the details. Blue ink, legible dates, complete signatures, and multiple checks for signatures are part of our checklist to ensure that docs are ready for final processing when returned to the bank. We guarantee great work for every loan signing.
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Loan Notary Signing Agent

When considering to choose a notary for your loan documents it is best to choose a ‘Notary Signing Agent’ or a notary that understands the special procedures to make for a great loan signing experience. Loan documents are very sensitive and demand extra attention to detail when completing. If you have a notary that isn’t familiar with the process you could be facing funding delays, fees, later closing dates, or multiple signing attempts. The banks and loan processors comb through all of the documents meticulously so that they know they have exactly what they need. A notary signing agent is experienced and knowledgeable, they are prepared in advance to meet the closing conditions of the loan concerning signing docs. SD Signings provides experienced and expert signing agents that come with a reputation for providing excellence every time!

Common Loan & Escrow Documents:

  • Note
  • Lender’s Closing Instructions
  • Deed of Trust (Security Instrument)
  • Settlement Statement
  • Mortgage
  • Signature Affidavit and
  • AKA Statement
  • Error’s and Omissions / Compliance Agreement
  • Limited Power of Attorney and Correction Agreement
  • Certification of Trust
  • Subordination Agreement
  • Borrower’s Closing Affidavit
  • Affidavit of Occupancy
  • See more.

Notary for Home Purchases

We don’t need to tell you that there is a lot going on within a home purchase! You’ve already collected hundred of real estate contracts. Give us a call when the loan docs are in. We have thousands of successful transactions behind us. We streamline the process and make it easy for you to feel comfortable when signing. We triple check for signatures which has earned us high approval ratings from many of the local 5 star escrows and mortgage companies. You’ll have a good night’s sleep after signing docs with an SD Signings notary. We’ll meet you at a place and time convenient for you.
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Notary for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A home equity line of credit or ‘HELOC’ is a line of credit for your home. It’s more commonly known as a 2nd loan. The documents transactions for HELOC transactions are different from traditional homes. There isn’t a promissory note with an interest rate, but a credit agreement with Annual Percentage rates (APR) and special terms. As 2nd loans are a little less common these days, it is best to find a notary signing agent that is prepared and understands the processing of these documents. Second loans are typically tied together with the first loan when making a home purchase. It is vitally important that both the 1st and 2nd loans are signed without error as their processing may affect the home purchase. SD Signings has provided successful notary for home equity lines of credit for over 10 years for banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other large banking institutions. Questions about HELOCS should be directed at the loan officer for the specific bank you are working with. Questions about notary for HELOC, we can help you there!

Notary for Refinances

Notary for Refinances It’s refinance time! You may be refinancing for a better interest rate, to move around your equity, or to change the terms of your loan. Your loan officer, bank, and mortgage company have combed through every ounce of information within your life. You did it! The docs are in! It’s time to sign. If this is your principal residence, federal law typically gives you 3 business days to review your documents. So the good news is, if this your first time and you’re a little nervous, you’ll have some time to review the paperwork even after signing. If you’ve signed loan docs before, you’re already pro! You’ve seen the giant stack of disclosures the bank sends you and you’re ready to sign through it! We’re glad to be helpful either way. We always provide our signers time to feel comfortable with the documents they’re signing. On the flip side, If signers are ready to go, we’re ready to streamline the process. Refi Documents also come with their own set of special instructions that will demand special care. These guidelines include “signing exactly as your name appears on the line” or to “sign all the documents in blue ink”. These are important guidelines that all notary signing agents should know. County Recorders will often reject incomplete signatures. Black ink signatures are often mistaken for copies, and originals get sent to the wrong agencies. You can see how these rules become important when their deadlines to meet. Especially if you’ve locked in at a great rate. SD Signings has notaries equipped and prepared to help with refinances for you, your mortgage company, or personal bank. We know our refis!
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Notary for Private Lenders

Private lending documents are often very different from traditional lending paperwork. Whereas traditional lenders and big banks use very common 3rd party document softwares to provide familiar loan documents, a private lender does not. Private lenders often have documents drafted by their own qualified attorneys or by in-house officers. The attorneys and the private lenders themselves will have specific guidelines they’ll want met for the return of their documents fro processing. Private lenders may offer atypical rates and terms that a big bank does not to meet unique borrowing needs. With private lending, there isn’t the typical uniformity concerning disclosures and documentation. Some agencies may even leave parts of the document incomplete. Notaries assisting in these transactions will want to affirm that the documents are entirely complete before the signer. They’ll also affirm signers have reviewed the docs throughly and that the signers are willfully ready to sign. This is good notary practice to protect the parties involved for all transactions. We have expert notaries ready to assist with private lending docs.

Notary for Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages have served as a way for families, especially the elderly, to utilize the equity in their home. In this scenario, the bank will use home equity to make regular payments to individuals to supplement their income. The reverse mortgage docs may resemble loan documents as they come with many of the same loan disclosures, buy they are in themselves very different. The lender plays a different role in a reverse mortgage and there is documentation to meet that need. As reverse mortgage documents also tend to draw elderly who may have questions. It is best to have a notary that is sensitive and understanding while properly directing questions to the appropriate loan officer. SD Signings has worked with lenders to help with the notary of reverse mortgages and understands the process for great experience.
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