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Notary for Bank and Private Loans

SD Signings has been providing expert loan signing agents to banks, private lenders, escrows, and mortgage companies throughout Southern California for nearly 20 years. We are proud to be an approved vendor for many reputable escrows in the San Diego area. When we meet your clients at the signing table, we understand that we represent both you and your clients. Our commitment is to deliver personalized service with professionalism, punctuality, and meticulous attention to detail.

As part of our rigorous checklist, we ensure that the documents are prepared for final processing by adhering to specific criteria. This includes using blue ink, ensuring legible dates, obtaining complete signatures, and conducting multiple checks for accuracy. Our goal is to guarantee exceptional work for every loan signing, providing you and your clients with peace of mind.
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Loan Notary Signing Agent

When choosing a notary for your loan documents, it is crucial to select a “Notary Signing Agent” who understands the specialized procedures involved in ensuring a smooth loan signing experience. Loan documents are highly sensitive and require meticulous attention to detail during completion. Working with a notary who is unfamiliar with the process can lead to funding delays, additional fees, postponed closing dates, or even multiple signing attempts. Banks and loan processors scrutinize all documents carefully to ensure they have precisely what they need. That’s why having an experienced and knowledgeable notary signing agent is essential. At SD Signings, we provide experienced and expert signing agents known for delivering excellence every time.

Here are some common loan and escrow documents:

  • Note
  • Lender’s Closing Instructions
  • Deed of Trust (Security Instrument)
  • Settlement Statement
  • Mortgage
  • Signature Affidavit and AKA Statement
  • Errors and Omissions/Compliance Agreement
  • Limited Power of Attorney and Correction Agreement
  • Certification of Trust
  • Subordination Agreement
  • Borrower’s Closing Affidavit
  • Affidavit of Occupancy
  • And more.

By entrusting your loan and escrow documents to our capable team, you can have confidence in a smooth and efficient signing process.

Notary for Home Purchases

We understand that a home purchase involves numerous tasks and can be overwhelming. When it comes to loan documents, give our team a shot! With a track record of thousands of successful transactions, we excel at streamlining the process and ensuring your signing experience is hassle-free. We go the extra mile by conducting triple checks for signatures, a practice that has earned us high approval ratings from reputable local escrows and mortgage companies. With an SD Signings notary, you can sign with confidence and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. We’ll arrange a meeting at a location and time that suits your convenience.

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Notary for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A Home Equity Line of Credit, commonly referred to as a HELOC, is a line of credit secured by your home. It functions as a second loan and differs from traditional home transactions. HELOC transactions involve specific documents, such as a credit agreement with Annual Percentage Rates (APR) and special terms, instead of a promissory note with an interest rate. While second loans are less common nowadays, it’s crucial to find a notary signing agent who is well-prepared and knowledgeable about processing these documents. Second loans are typically linked to the first loan when purchasing a home. It is of utmost importance that both the first and second loans are signed accurately, as any errors in processing may impact the home purchase. For over 15 years, SD Signings has successfully provided notary services for home equity lines of credit, providing notary services to major banking institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America. If you have questions about HELOCs, we recommend directing them to your specific bank’s loan officer. However, if you need assistance with notary services for HELOCs, we are here to help you!

Notary for Refinances

It’s time to refinance! Whether you’re looking for a better interest rate, seeking to leverage your equity, or wanting to modify your loan terms, your loan officer, bank, and mortgage company have thoroughly examined every aspect of your financial information. Congratulations! The documents have arrived, and it’s time to sign.

If this is your primary residence, federal law generally grants you a 3-business-day window to review your documents. So, if it’s your first time and you’re feeling a bit nervous, don’t worry! You’ll have some extra time to go through the paperwork even after signing. If you’ve signed loan documents before, you’re already a pro! You’ve encountered the extensive stack of disclosures sent by the bank, and you’re ready to tackle it. Rest assured, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We always prioritize giving our signers the time they need to feel comfortable with the documents they are signing. On the other hand, if signers are ready to proceed, we are prepared to streamline the process.

Refinance documents come with specific instructions that require careful attention. These guidelines may include signing exactly as your name appears on the designated line or using blue ink for all signatures. These instructions are crucial, and all notary signing agents should be aware of them. Incomplete signatures can be rejected by County Recorders, and black ink signatures are often mistaken for copies, resulting in documents being sent to the wrong agencies. It’s easy to see why these rules become crucial, especially when there are deadlines to meet, particularly if you’ve locked in a great rate.

SD Signings has experienced notaries who are well-equipped and ready to assist with refinances for you, your mortgage company, or your personal bank. We understand the ins and outs of refinancing, and we’re here to make the process smooth and hassle-free for you.

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Mobile Notary Service Information for SD Signings

Notary for Private Lenders

Private lending documents often differ significantly from traditional lending paperwork. While big banks and traditional lenders use commonly used third-party document software to generate familiar loan documents, private lenders follow a different approach. Private lenders often have their own qualified attorneys or in-house officers draft the documents. These attorneys and lenders have specific guidelines and requirements for the return and processing of their documents. Private lenders may offer unique rates and terms to meet individual borrowing needs that may not be available through big banks. In private lending, there is often a lack of uniformity when it comes to disclosures and documentation. Some agencies may even leave certain sections of the document incomplete.

Notaries assisting in private lending transactions need to ensure that the documents are complete before the signer. They also need to verify that the signers have thoroughly reviewed the documents and are willing to sign them voluntarily. This practice is crucial for protecting all parties involved in the transaction. At SD Signings, we have expert notaries who are experienced in handling private lending documents and transactions. We are ready to assist you with all your private lending notary needs.

Notary for Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages have provided a means for families, particularly the elderly, to tap into the equity of their homes. In this arrangement, the bank utilizes the home equity to provide regular payments to individuals, supplementing their income.

While reverse mortgage documents may bear some resemblance to loan documents due to the presence of various loan disclosures, they are inherently different. The lender assumes a distinct role in a reverse mortgage, necessitating specific documentation to meet those requirements.

Given that reverse mortgages often attract elderly individuals who may have questions or concerns, it is essential to engage a notary who is sensitive, understanding, and capable of directing inquiries to the appropriate loan officer.

At SD Signings, we work together with the lenders to facilitate notarization for reverse mortgages, allowing us to deliver an exceptional experience.

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