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What's inside our Notary Bag.

  • Notary Stamp
  • Notary Journal
  • Acknowledgment Certificates
  • Jurat Certificates
  • Blue and/or Black Pens
  • Thumbprint pads
  • Documents to be notarized
  • Cell Phone / Charger
  • Signer / Client Contact Information
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Stapler

Helpful Extras: Sign here Stickies, Invoices, Marketing Material, Folders / Courier Envelopes, Mask, Binder & Paper Clips, Thank You Cards

Pre-Notary Appointment Checklist

Just like a pilot rehearses over a pre-flight checklist, the notary should have a checklist too! Here is a 5 step notary checklist to get you flying high as a pro notary!
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How a Notary Transaction is Done

How do you ‘administer a notarial act’? Are you a new notary public? has it been a while since you’ve helped someone with notary services? Here’s a quick 7 step refresher course.

Notarial Acts, ‘Form A’ or ‘Form B’?

Most of your notary career will be summed up in two forms, an ‘acknowledgment’ or a ‘jurat’. An acknowledgment says “yes, they said they signed it”. A jurat says “They swore an oath before me and signed accordingly”. Which certificate do you attach?

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Boundaries and Strategy for saying “no”.

Many signers will ask for notary under rushed circumstances having not first met all the notary prerequisites. Here are strategies for shaping an ill-sounding “no” into a “let’s try this instead”.

Core loan documents for review.

Check to see if names, dates, and addresses are correct before an appointment so there are no mistakes. Pull these loan documents out so that your borrowers see the information that will make them feel confident to sign.

Tips for a successful loan signing

Loan signing can be a great way for a notary to make an income on the side or a full career out of being a notary. Are you currently acting as a ‘Notary Signing Agent’ or providing notary services for lenders? See tips to being a great loan signer.

Packaging Loan Documents

Escrows often ask “do you know how to package?”, learn the purpose and tricks for loan packaging. Learn how to package loan documents to impress your local escrow.
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Running a business? You’ve got this!

Do the work, keep learning, get better and better! When running your business, get creative, have fun, be you, do great work!

How do I make a notary business?

We offer mentorship for this! How to get business, who to market, how to do a loan signing, and more

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