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Notary in a Box Career Training System is an online training program with videos, resources, and step-by-step notary checklists for the active full-time notary. 

Unlock Your Career Potential as a Notary: Mastering the Art of Notarizing with Confidence

Various 'sign here" sticky post-its including - "sign and date", "initials" and "Notarize"

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Notarial Acts, ‘Form A’ or ‘Form B’?

Most of your notary career will be summarized in two forms: an ‘acknowledgment’ or a ‘jurat’. An acknowledgment confirms that “yes, they said they signed it”, while a jurat confirms that “they swore an oath before me and signed accordingly”. The question is, which certificate should you attach?

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How a Notary Transaction is Done

How to Administer a Notarial Act? Whether you are a new Notary Public or it has been a while since you provided Notary services, here’s a quick seven-step refresher course.

Core loan documents for review.

Before an appointment, it’s important to check the names, dates, and addresses to ensure they are correct. This way, mistakes can be avoided. Additionally, pulling out the loan documents beforehand and showing them to the borrowers can instill confidence and make them feel more comfortable signing.

Boundaries and Strategy for saying “no”.

Many signers may ask for notary services under rushed circumstances without first meeting all the necessary requirements. Here are some strategies to turn a negative response into a positive one.

Packaging Loan Documents

As a notary, it’s important to know how to properly package loan documents to impress your local escrow companies. They often ask if you know how to package documents, so it’s essential to understand the purpose and tricks for loan packaging. By mastering this skill, you can enhance your reputation and build a strong working relationship with escrow companies in your area.
San Diego Notary, signed and organized loan documents for escrow and lender
San Diego Notary, group of business professionals walking in the city

Notary Mentorships

We offer mentorships! Learn how we’ve operated a notary service for nearly 20 years

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