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Notary for Certified Copies

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Certified Copy of “Power of Attorney”

This is one of the few notarial acts concerning “Certified Copies” that a California notary public can perform. it is a rigid process that requires a word for word review of the original power of attorney to ensure that it is in fact an exact copy.

Sworn statement of a “true copy” for passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, college transcript, or other official records.

SD Signings’ notaries often notarize sworn statements and administer oaths for people certifying that a document is “true, accurate, and correct”. Typically in these situations, a foreign or local agency has requested that a person provide a notarized copy of an important document, like a passport, marriage certificate, college transcript, birth certificate, or other official record. We can notarize sworn statements as needed.

Having had an attorney draft a declaration, or by having written a personal sworn statement on their own, previous signers have attached their documents to the copy of the record and mailed it off to the agency receiving the copy of the record.

We CAN provide notary services for these sworn statements. We can also administer an oath or affirmation concerning these documents upon request. It has served to meet the majority of our customer’s needs concerning their specific receiving agencies.

We CANNOT authenticate or certify copies of the records.

Contact receiving agencies concerning “Certified Copy” documentation

We CANNOT certify records, authenticate official copies, help draft statements, or provide legal advice. We are not authorized to do this as a California notary. We also cannot know what a receiving agency needs exactly. It is best to contact them for help.


Common document descriptions notarized:

  • Sworn Statements concerning “True and Accurate copy of Passport”
  • Sworn Statements concerning “True and Correct copy of Birth Certificate”
  • Sworn Statements concerning “Marriage License Declaration statement”
  • Declaration of “True Copy of Official College Transcript”
  • Declaration of “Official License”

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Limitations on Notary for Certified Copies

Universities and foreign agencies often request “Certified Copies” of birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates amongst other official records.  As these receiving agencies have their own expectations for “Certification”, it is best to speak with them about exactly what they need. Notaries or officials in their jurisdictions may have different powers that California does not allow our notaries to perform. In other countries, a ‘notary’ may often be a high-ranking official, attorney, or judge that provide services or powers that we cannot. As notaries are not the official record holders or authorities for these documents, a notary is not allowed to authenticate these records. We are not attorneys, we are unable to provide legal advice. We also cannot know the procedures for international or domestic agencies. It is best to be in contact with them directly.

Notary Public’s Role:

The role of your Notary Public is most often simply this, to identify you as the individual whom has signed a document, either by means of positive identification or satisfactory evidence. The notary is a party found of reputable standing by the State of California to administer his/her seal as a witness. The notary affirms that the signer truly is the person whom is signing or administering an oath, and that they are of sound mind to do so. Ultimately it is the signer’s responsibility to understand the documentation or to seek the appropriate help. The notary public’s role is to eliminate he possibility of fraud or coercion within a transaction.