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We have hired our notary on many occasions and found him to be extremely professional, punctual and personable. It is a breath of fresh air to have someone in his field that you can rely on.
We have used our notary on more than one occasion in notarizing our documents. Our notary showed up on time and was very thorough and patient with us throughout our signing. Without a doubt, he will always be first on our list when it comes to notary and we highly recommend him for your future signings!
Patrick is a wonderful asset to my team and my clients are very appreciative of his services. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and very much the consummate professional. I would recommend anyone looking for high quality notary services to look at Patrick first.
Great Job! Patrick was friendly, efficient, and very professional. I would highly recommend Patrick and the services provided by SD Signings.
I had a great experience using SD Signings and Patrick Hall. I could have not been more satisfed with the service received. He showed up on time and finished in under 10 minutes. I would have no problem recommending SD Signings and Patrick Hall to anyone.
As a real estate broker for over 30 years, I have needed to provide Notary services for my clients on a regular basis. Over the past few years the escrow company that I use and I have used Patrick’s services for loan sign-ups almost exclusively. Patrick usually comes to meet the clients at our office, although he is also able and willing to go to the client’s home. He knows what he is doing, catches the occasional error and gets the job done fast and professionally. He is patient with the clients and always willing to answer questions and to explain things. Patrick has earned my sincere and grateful recommendation.
From start to finish and any recalls (for mistakes I make) The signings by SD Signings are always done polite, professional and prompt. My recent 6AM signing was one hundred percent (100%) performed and carried out flawlessly by SD Signings. Your offices, I commend for exceptional workmanship. Thank you.
Bentley Brown
SD Signings is the best in the business! I have used SD Signings many times over the years for both personal and business. From service to expertise they have been excellent and I would highly recommend using them.
San Diego, A man wears a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie, he smiles
Gary Horton
Realtor, Mission Realty Group

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“We cannot predict the future, but we can choose who we want to be and how we will respond to it.”

Notary services are not only about us, but also about you. At some point, you will come across a critical and decisive moment in your life. It could be challenging, exciting, or filled with creativity and hope. Ultimately, it belongs to you.

The signatures and fingerprints in our record books have imagined and built the San Diego skyline, created thriving communities worldwide in previously impoverished and hopeless places, and built families while protecting legacies.

As a notary service, we serve as an ambassadors for people who move forward confidently in their decisions. We empower and protect their intentions and help them make history, change the future, and stand tall in what they believe. These are people who are committed and all in.

This work is crucial to us. We are genuine, proactive, and deliver excellence to fulfill our responsibilities. From the moment we join together on a transaction, we ensure that we provide our very best work for you. Long before we meet in person, we prepare by proof-checking paperwork and planning an incredible experience without surprises. This means your appointments are swift and secure, and we often finish them minutes before the scheduled time. Your time and plans matter to us because you have places to be in this world.

We are not robots; we are real people who deliver personalized and exceptional work. We are on your team as you change your world! You have aligned with your integrity, and now you will leave your mark, defining how you will be identified.

You are saying, “This is who I am.

Patrick Hall