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California Notarial Acts offered

Acknowledgments – Signer acknowledges having signed a document willfully.

Jurats –  Signer swears an oath or affirms to the notary the truthfulness within a document. 

San Diego Mobile Notary Services by SD Signings

Providing Notarial Acts for the following Transactions

Travel Notary for:

  • Personal and Business Documents
  • Corporate Executive Signings
  • Domestic and International Adoption
  • Commercial Developments & Operations
  • DMV Documents
  • Affidavits and Sworn Statements
  • Residential Real Estate
  • California Subdivision Maps
    Much more

Estate Plan and Trust Notary

Notarizing for trust and estate planning documents is a specialty of ours. We notarize these documents on a daily basis! We streamline the process by working directly with law firms efficiently. We provide great package pricing for attorneys and their clients. We have worked as the preferred and exclusive notary service to many of San Diego’s esteemed legal firms for over 10 years.

International Notary and Apostille

Are you doing business internationally? Do you have an important document that is headed out of the country requiring notary? Thanks to something called the the Hague Convention, there’s a solution for many participating countries. Known as an Apostille or Authentication, California issues special certificates for international agencies.

Notary for Loans, Mortgage, Banks, and Private Lending

Signing loan documents with banks, mortgage companies, and lenders requires a seasoned notary signing agent. After all the processes of initiating a home purchase or refinance,  it is imperative the loan signing is handled with care. Bank documents come with their own specific set of instructions along with special industry standards for smooth completion. SD Signings is approved by San Diego’s biggest lenders and escrows.

Tribal Gaming License and Renewal Applications

When providing tribal gaming commission documents that require appearing before a notary public we are ready and prepared to help. We assist in providing notary services for licensing applications, license renewal, and certification forms on a regular basis.

ABC Liquor License Application Notary

California liquor license ABC Forms often require notarization. In reviewing your Alcoholic Beverage Control documents, if you have found that an application or document requires notarization, we would love to help! We frequently assist liquor vendors, manufacturers, breweries, wineries, and other liquor venues with the notary of their liquor applications.

Notary within Detention Centers, Jails, and Prisons

SD Signings regularly provides notary services within local detention centers. Notary visits are recognized as professional or “pro visits” by the prison and jail facilities. This recognition allows us quick same day access to meet with a friend, family member, or other incarcerated individual requiring the signing of important paperwork. We work with attorneys and families to help get important documents signed and notarized quickly. Perhaps you need a rush ‘power of attorney’ signed.

Certified Copies of Birth Certificates, Passports, Marriage Licenses, and Diplomas.

Out of state and out of country institutions often call for ‘certified copies’ of important documents. California has limitations on what a notary can certify. If you would like to provide a sworn statement affirming that a copy of an important record or identification is “true and accurate”, we can provide a notary certificate to be attached. This is a common request for many of our signers.

Notary for Architecture and Construction

Engineering a downtown high rise? We do the notary for just that! We meet regularly with architects, engineers, developers, investors, business and property owners all over San Diego County daily. As we work architecture firms often, we streamline the notary process for a quick and easy appointment.

Common Documents Notarized: Mechanics Liens, San Diego Development Services General Application DS-3032, Deed of Trust, Compliance Agreement, Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Signature and Name Affidavit, Affidavit of Occupancy, Financial Status Affidavit, AKA Statement, etc.

Notary for Adoption

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing families grow and come together through both international and domestic adoption. We have seen families and communities changed by the hearts of parents doing the work to bring home their children. This is important to us, we take special steps to ensure documents move along with precision.

Notary for Medical Billing, Professional Applications, and Licensure

  • California Board of Registered Nurses Application for Licensure
  • Medical Board of California Licensing Application
  • Certificate of Completion of ACGME/RCPSC
  • Postgraduate Training, Form L3A-L3B
  • Current PostGraduate Training EnrollmentForm L4
  • Certificate of Medical Education
  • Current Postgraduate Training Enrollment

Notary for Real Estate and Property Management | Deeds

if you need to record deeds with your county recorder, assign managers new account access, protect new agreements, move property into a trust, or finish up some seller’s paperwork for an escrow, We can help!

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