Qualifications to being a Notary

Will I qualify as a notary?

A Notary Public is an official that serves the public in an important and neutral manner. Their role provides a means to deter fraud within the community while protecting persons involved in important transactions. For this reason, the State of California has implemented rules before one can become a notary.

The following qualifications must be met before one can serve as a notary in California:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a legal resident of California
    • Must be physical street address for primary residence (PO Box not acceptable)
  • 6 Hour State approved training course at least one time – or- 3 Hour Refresher Course for reappointment.
  • Pass proctored notary exam
  • Be found a person of Integrity
  • Pass a Background Check
  • Submission of fingerprints to the Department of Justice and the FBI
  • Submit a Notary Application disclosing any trials or pending convictions