SD Signings Notary Pricing

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See and prepare for notary prerequisites here.

Walk-in Notary ($15+)

Walk-in notary pricing is state regulated at $15 per notarized signature. By appointment only.

San Diego Mobile Notary Cost & Services Offered

We take efforts to prepare in advance so that we save you time and money. We love to offer you great pricing and a great experience. You can take steps to save on your transaction too by considering the time and place you schedule your appointment. Our “happy hour” pricing starts at just $55 Mon-Sat 9:30am-2pm. Travel costs increase according to distance, time of day, urgency, and travel difficulty. Our base $55 rate is for travel between the 8 and 94 freeways. Travel increases as we move north toward the 78 (starting $70) or south toward the 905 (starting $60).  Find exact travel costs here. 

$55 starting Travel Fee 

(per staff member) 

Schedule block and travel starts at $55.00 for your notary. If you require an additional staff member to serve as a witness to a will document, total travel fees start at $110.

Travel Fees are in addition to the California regulated notary cost of $15 per notarized signature. We consider thoughtful and fair pricing for our clients and notaries.
Find exact travel costs here. 

add $15 per Notarized Sign
(California Regulated)

SD Signings notary adheres to the California regulated cost of $15.00 per notarized signature.  We are in tune with San Diego notary costs. Example: If there are two signers on a page, total costs for the single page would be $30.00.  Two signers on two pages would be $60.00.  Formula: Number of signers (x) Number of signatures (x) $15 = Total Costs.  

Additional Services Available

We offer additional services including printing, delivery, and more. Our clients find great value in all of our services and pricing. Ask us how we can help further! See typical notary services.

  • Document Printing / Preparation
  • Transaction Coordinating with Signers
  • Document Delivery 
  • Document Scan-backs
  • Additional Witnesses for Wills
  • Loan Document Preparation
  • Apostilles
  • Rush Hour Travel
  • and more


Notary Package Pricing


Notary for Loan Signings ($200)

Loan Signings are most commonly setup through an escrow or lender. These transactions require experienced notaries that are familiar with loan docs, their instructions, and loan signing procedures. We ensure the highest level of accuracy for perfect processing while also providing personable and friendly service.  Loan Signings are priced at $200, extra service costs may apply.  See more about loan signings.

Trust and Estate Plan Packages

We love working with local law firms and estate planning attorneys to help streamline the notary process while meeting with their clients. We have a reputation for being personable, accurate, and dependable on providing a great signing experience. Each estate plan is different, we provide special estate plan packages that are very accommodating to you and your clients. We always provide excellent service. We understand that we serve as representatives of all the amazing values your firm stands for while at the conference table. This is important to us. More about estate plans. 

Detention Centers ($125+)

When a friend or a family member becomes incarcerated there is a lot to deal with quickly. We provide swift services to San Diego County detention facilities. Our turnaround is typically 24 hours or less. We will glad witness signatures and deliver documents to the appropriate parties per your instructions. We are a regular “pro-visit” at most jails/prisons within San Diego. Detention Center notary starts at $125 and increases according to travel and services provided. Learn more about detention center notary.

I love these guys!!! I can honestly say that me and my clients always get excellent service every time we use SD Signings.

Tom Parashos

Attorney at Law, Helix Law Firm

We continually use SD Signings for our business needs. They are extremely flexible with our schedule. More than anything, they are wonderful people running a professional and reliable business. Our staff continues to sing their praises long after they’ve left our office. We can’t over-exaggerate how incredible they are.

We used Pat and Bethany, yet again, for the purchase of our second home.  In working with the Escrow office, I was adamant about using our “trusted notary” preference… when it was time for me give West Coast Escrow the name of the notary service we preferred, they shrieked with excitement because SD Signings is actually one of their preferred notary services.  That’s when you know you’ve stumbled upon gold!  Their service is always professional and affordable, and their reputation in the industry seems to be full of integrity!  Nothings more validating than hearing the Escrow company sing their praises, as well.  Purchasing a home is a long and complicated process.  SD Signings was a breathe of fresh air in the process – they made it so easy!  Not to mention, they were completely flexible in scheduling and location… which took a load of worry off my shoulders.  My husband and I would recommend them to any home buyer!

Lacey Stenson

Sr. Director of Finance and Operations, Nusi

Our notary is the best notary I have seen in 20 years of practice! He is always prepared, punctual, and personable. He helps our clients feel comfortable with the documents they are signing, and he is available at times that are convenient to all of our schedules. We appreciate the work he does for us and would recommend him to anyone in need of notary services.

Bill Simon

Attorney at Law, Sollertis Law

We have hired our notary on many occasions and found him to be extremely professional, punctual and personable. It is a breath of fresh air to have someone in his field that you can rely on.

Jason Larson

Owner, Lars Construction

“The Best Notary Service in San Diego! My company utilizes notary services on a regular basis, and after trying a few different notary companies we switched to SD Signings. The notaries are extremely professional, prompt and always accommodating. SD Signings utilizes modern technology (credit card payment by ipad, instant e-mailed receipts!) I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Amber Boone

Human Resources Manager, Blokhaus Capital Corporation