Today is recorded within time.

Today is a contract with time, it is a record of true and real facts. It cannot be undone. The choices you make today are recorded in history. They are the words within the contract. They have been witnessed by others. Within each activity, your story is being sealed. 

History cannot be changed.

Once written, like a declaration, the words stand. They are your story, and those pages cannot be rewritten.  You may add an addendum, or disavow previous statements, or give meaning to previous pages, or even give your story a happily ever after. That’s ok. You have that power. 

A culmination to now. Choice and Decision. An Agreement.

The ink in your pen is a complex formula of all the events before you. It is your ancestors, the cultures they’ve embraced, all of the moments in history, all of the people in life, and all of the things believed, lived for, stood for -or- all for not.  These circumstances have clashed, collided, and combined with each. They give fuel to the ideas and beliefs that you will write on today’s page.  When you sign your signature to the pages of today, the words on the page become the lifeblood of the future.  Your signature is the decision, the commitment, and the promise. It is powerful. It is impact. When you act, you are agreeing to give importance and life to your decision.

This is what i believe, this is me, this is my promise.

Your signature,  The way you live your life, it changes everything. It says, “In this moment, this is who I am, this is what I believe, this is the way I choose to live,  this is the what I have declared, and this is what I promise to do”. You are living your story, sign your name confidently to it. “It is written”, so they say. 

I am choosing the future I want.

To sign your name, you must be brave. In the face of uncertainty, you must realize the future you want to see. You must make a promise to it, commit.

To commit to something is an adventure. You do not know all of the dynamics.  It is like seeing a beautiful travel destination within a photo.  You say to yourself, “I want to travel there”, and you secure your accommodations. Along the way, you realize the obstacles, the unfamiliar ways of life, and the unexpected turns that comes with an adventure. Still, you hold the photo and you press on. When you reach the destination, you see the beauty, and most of it was in the journey now behind you. The journey changes you. It teaches you. It all exists because of a commitment. 

What I do today is written into true history forever.

The way you sign your name today leaves a time stamp, and it cannot be altered. It’s eternal. From all sides of time, forward and backward… your signature stands. It says, on this day in history, I am choosing these things.

My signature changes everything.

Your signature changes everything forever. #power #beauty #impact #future #past #choice #story #everything