The benefits of not rushing the notary appointment. (ASAP)


Let’s talk about the benefits to not rushing. All the best things are planned in advance, with caution, care, and thoughtfulness. When document preparers are given ample time to draft documents, there is less chance for erroneous paperwork. When signers have been given time to sleep on important decision, there is protection from liability in their willingness to sign. When documents are being processed by receiving agencies, a cushion of time ensures clean and correct processing.  We’ve found that rushing an appointment typically delays the process by days not hours, costs lots of money, and leaves everyone dissatisfied.

The ‘Pros’ don’t rush things, the pros plan.  It’s really best to not rush, here’s why.



With Time, documents are perfected, not containing errors.

It’s common that a new homeowner wants to move in asap. Maybe they’re excited, maybe they have contractors lined up, maybe they’re in a hotel. It’s also common that officers within a transaction want to complete a file and get paid. Estate plans often get rushed to accommodate travel plans or hospital visits. Maybe there’s an important deadline or emergency that needs to be met. Whatever it is, someone wants the transaction completed now. We’ve found, that documents that are drafted quickly almost always encounter mistakes, extra liability. These mistakes become costly as documents must get redrafted and assisting agencies must be rehired for additional work.  A professional and experienced notary service has their eye’s open early on for issues that will cause a hang up within the transaction. That said, extra time to prepare documents means extra care and perfected documents.

Common errors we find in rushed document requests include:

  • Contracts do not reflect negotiated terms
  • Wrong dates on documents
  • Misspelled names
  • Wrong or miscalculated numbers
  • Missing paperwork



With Time, coordinators are focused, not flustered.

Signing coordinators, officers, and notary signing agents tend to be busy people with lots to tend to. ASAP rushed transactions mean that people are being pulled from other work, pre-arranged plans, or time with the family. You can imagine the initial frustration of the upset in their day having to juggle their schedules. It also leaves these coordinators completely ill-equipped and ill-prepared to give 100% of themselves to help. Officers may be swamped with other transactions or not readily available to help. The notary may not be near a printer or signing location. This isn’t a great setup. A pilot should never take off without a preflight inspection or checklist. Having all parties drop everything and run for a rush is also not ideal.  Scheduling prearranged appointments in advance with coordinators provides for their full attention to signers, documents, and details. 

Common trouble faced by officers and coordinators include

  • Flustered parties
  • Spirit of dissatisfaction, irritation, and blame.
  • Points of contact are unavailable for necessary information at signing
  • Document delivery Issues (Printing, courier, etc)
  • Parties are pressured to act in a manner that is not ideal for best practice
  • Mistakes are made, liability increases.



With Time, signers are confident, not anxious.

Incomplete documents and flustered coordinators are enough to fuel anxiousness in the signer. Asking a signer to push a document signing they are not ready for can increase risk and liability. They may not have had ample time to review the documents and may be uncertain to exactly what they are signers. That isn’t fair to them, and may be unlawful in some circumstances. Signers feeling pushed become suspicious of the circumstances, and often lose faith in the transaction and trust in the other parties. After the signers have finished their part, they may feel uncertain and anxious. Good officers or notary signing agents would not participate in this. It’s wrong. It also creates risks for repercussions later. Signers should have time to review documents, being able to sleep on their decision.  This creates a truly willful signer having come to terms on their own wholly.

Common consequences of rushed signers include:

  • Anxiousness and uncertainty
  • Uninformed and or unaware of document contents
  • Lack of faith in people and paperwork
  • Anxiety produces mistakes
  • Increased risk and liability later by having felt pressured
  • Signers are unwilling



With Time, Transaction processing is clean, not messy..

Ok, we’re running toward the finish line. Yeah, it was a rushed appointment, but we did it! We got docs, signed and delivered. Now comes the processing. There’s often work to be done after the signing of the paperwork. Best case scenario, everything was ok. Sometimes if a paper was missed or incorrect, it may be a fluster of rushes to solve the problem or redraft docs. Sometimes these mistakes may are simply processed being missed altogether which can create a problems at an unforeseen time in the future. An example of this would be incorrect terms or a deed recorded incorrectly. Estate planning documents, powers of attorney, or other agreements may pose problems years later if there hadn’t been proper preparations. International documents may be rejected by receiving agencies. Even if it seems like things are in the clear, it’s best to be cautious from start to finish. Be in touch with receiving agencies that will be processing the documents to ensure their standards are met. 

Common processing errors with rushed transactions:

  • Documents are rejected
  • Documents must be redrafted and resigned
  • Documents are recorded incorrectly
  • Document terms were incorrect posing problems later
  • Transactions are terminated due to incorrect paperwork
  • Liability turns into legal repercussions
  • Bitterness turns to blame



The best things in life are given care and time.

Let’s end this on a positive note! Those are common scenarios that happen with rushed transactions. You’re not that person, and you’re hiring good and experienced professionals to work with. That’s why you’re here reading this! By planning and being mindful of the time it takes to produce excellent results, you’ll find the experience you aimed for. You planned for it, you prepared, you slept on it. You’re making all the right moves to a better future. Rest assured in your great choices!

The ideal experience: 

  • Provide all the checklist items early
  • Be in touch with all parties early and communicate clearly
  • Be kind and create an atmosphere of teamwork
  • Schedule in advance.
  • Review documents disclosures in advance
  • Ask questions in advance
  • Make clear your intentions
  • Treat all aspects of the transaction thoughtfully
  • Be prepared, not rushed.