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Steps for a Great Appointment ↓↓↓

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1. Ensure you've met California's regulations.

Prerequisites for Notary:

  1. Bring active IDs for all signers.
  2. IDs reflect the name on the documents exactly, or more.
  3. Documents are completed in full in advance, no blanks.
  4. All signers understand documents, and are of sound mind.
       (elderly/frail signers? read on here..) 
  5. All signers are willing and ready to sign.
  6. Signers are able to speak the same language as the notary.
  7. Transaction is lawful and entirely ready.

SD Signings notaries will act lawfully in accordance with California law. By law, the notary is to refuse services if these prerequisites are not met at the time of the signing. Signers and coordinates, please ensure you have checked these prerequisites are met. 

See prerequisites in more detail here: Prepare for notary.

SD Signings Team: 619-442-8585

2. Send scans or photos of docs to us.

There are added benefits when sending us your documents in advance. If you send us the whole document, we can print on request. Email us with a scan or snapshots of the front page, signature page, and notary page… we’ll prepare for you in advance, making for a fast appointment!

  • We bring printed documents to you on request.*
  • We’ll mark all sign spots with stickies.
  • Safe Guards are in place before we meet.
  • Everything is checked in advance.
  • Certificates are ready to go.
  • Journals are filled out prior.
  • Your meeting will be streamlined and fast.
  • Get an advance Estimate.
  • No Surprises.
  • Best standards proactivity.

Appointment Coordinators may scan us their completed documents to print, send us pictures of their title pages to prepare, or email us a list of document names and signers.  

*As an added thank you, we typically print most document sets at no cost. Upload docs here or email to us directly. 

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3. Set the stage for excellence.

These are steps that make every meeting better!

Atmosphere is everything. Let’s take all the steps to prepare the ideal signing scenario! This will strengthen and add protection to your transaction! 

Create the ideal signing space. Tables and relaxed atmospheres help ensure nothing get’s messy or missed altogether.  (Signing a 100 pages between 3 people in a rush on a tv tray get’s tricky!) 

The Golden Rule all around. It’s important to us to do great work for you! We’re all on the same team with the same mission. We want to see your transaction fulfilled. When we work together, both signers and notaries are empowered to make give their best energy to great work.

If we make a mistake.  As much as we prepare, every transaction is unique and different. If there is an initial or signature is missed, we’ll come back for it at no cost. Thank you for your kind understanding!


4. Let's Catch any processing errors before we begin.

You’ve made it this far! Thank you! We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

It is very common that we find crucial details are incorrect within the documents at the signing table. Now is a great time to check for any typos within your document. If you can catch these items now, way to go! You’ll have full confidence in your paperwork when we meet. 

Common typographical errors:

  • Everyone’s name spelled correctly within the document and beneath the signature lines?
  • How about other important identifying information ( Property address, terms, etc.)
Common document conditions for processing:

“Sign your signature exactly as your name appears on the document” is common for deeds and/or loan documents. Be prepared for unique signing conditions like these at the appointment. This is very common and often a hard condition of your bank or county recorder for the processing of your transaction. Check in with your receiving agency to learn about any specific details they’re looking for when processing your docs. We’ll be mindful too!  
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5. We're excited to help!

We’re glad to help! Learn more:

Emails us:

Call: 619-442-8585


The Best Experience Ever

“We cannot tell the future. We can tell the future who we will be,
and how we will respond to it.”

Notary is not so much about us, so much as it is about you. At some point you will arrive at an important and pivotal moment. It may be difficult, it may be exciting, it may be creative and hopeful.

The signatures and fingerprints within our records have imagined and built the San Diego Skyline. They have created thriving communities worldwide in previously impoverished and hopeless places. They have built families and protected legacies.

We serve as an ambassador for people moving forward confidently in their decisions. We empower and protect their intentions. We are an adventure company as people make history, change the future, and stand tall in what they believe. These are people that are committed and all in.

This work is extremely important to us. We are genuine, proactive, and deliver excellence unto fulfillment. The moment we join together on a transaction, we ensure we provide our very best work for you. Long before we ever we meet, we are preparing, we are proof-checking the paperwork, we are planning an incredible experience without surprises. This means your appointments are swift and protected, We often finish your appointments minutes before they were ever scheduled. Your time and your plans matter to us. You’ve got places to be in this world.

We are not robots, we are real people that deliver a personable and incredible work. We’re on your team as you change your world! You have aligned with your integrity, and now you will leave your mark defining how you will be identified. You’re saying, “This is who I  am”. Learn how we can serve you with your transaction at 

-Patrick Hall

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