San Diego Notary Mentor & One-on-One Training for Loan Documents

San Diego Notary, Clean and modern conference room

Friendly One-on-One Notary Confidence Training in San Diego for Loan Documents - $250

Learn the ropes! Let’s hangout and build your confidence, your notary skills, and your business!!!

We’re on your team! The cost of this session can be paid back in less than one loan signing! Learn how to work through any documents with proper notary processing. Gain understanding, confidence, and strategy to ensure great notary signings in any situation or signing. With 15 years of experience, Patrick is able to guide you through a series of transactions, simplifying them, answering questions, and/or providing resources for a great transaction. Meet Patrick virtually (Facetime, Zoom, etc.) at a conference table,  or at a La Mesa coffee shop. Learn the ropes that will create your notary business! 

  • 3 Hours of One-on-One notary confidence training
  • Loan Document Transactions
  • Estate Plan Signings
  • Common Real Estate Documents
  • International Notary
  • California Business Licensing Applications
  • International Notary/Apostille
  • Gaining new and direct clientele (Law firms, Escrows, etc)
  • Much More.

    You will be provided with strategies for great notary, resources, automation ideas, and the ‘know-how’ you need to feel confident going forward!

    * Important Note: This is NOT an accredited program, this serves as a mentorship class to help you grow in confidence and find insights for you notary business. 

Notary Journal $55

Made in the USA (San Diego, CA). Strong and Professional. The Avant-Garde Notary journal is 200 pages for (200 appointments!) with 8 document transaction entries on each page! This book is hardbound with 100 sheets of heavy paper. It is an incredible tool for the loan signer or estate plan signer.
Collect ID Information, thumbprints, document transaction entries, date, time, and more, quickly and professionally. Check applicable laws in your state to see if this is the journal for you!
  • Satisfying chronological entry
  • Privacy, 1 Person per page
  • Clean and Organized
  • Streamlined for fast entry
  • 200 useable pages, 8 Entries each.
  • Easy thumbprints at the bottom of the page
  • Hardbound, Heavy Paper
SD Signings Notary Journal and two Pens

Professional Industry Leading Notary Websites - $2000

Our Springboard website is completely setup and launched for you! You get what you see! It Includes:

  • Fully responsive webpage
  • Includes your content to better automate your business and prepare your clients
  • Built on WordPress
  • A thoughtful and responsive design team
    Includes 1 year of hosting, theme/plugin maintenance, backups, and security
  • You get what you see! (design/layout/menu)
  • Populated with your perfect content! (photos/text)
  • Fully done-for-you install, setup, content loading and launch
  • Responsive/adaptive viewing for mobile & tablets
  • Personalized contact and/or In-take forms
  • Option to integrate your personal booking calendar (Calendly, Genbook, etc.)
  • Easy tutorial videos so that you’re equipped to make changes to content, photos, and add to site
  • Blog page available for an additional $250
  • Improve our ranks on search engines – SEO package added for an additional $2400

The Best Experience Ever

“We cannot tell the future. We can tell the future who we will be,
and how we will respond to it.”

Notary is not so much about us, so much as it is about you. At some point you will arrive at an important and pivotal moment. It may be difficult, it may be exciting, it may be creative and hopeful.

The signatures and fingerprints within our records have imagined and built the San Diego Skyline. They have created thriving communities worldwide in previously impoverished and hopeless places. They have built families and protected legacies.

We serve as an ambassador for people moving forward confidently in their decisions. We empower and protect their intentions. We are an adventure company as people make history, change the future, and stand tall in what they believe. These are people that are committed and all in.

This work is extremely important to us. We are genuine, proactive, and deliver excellence unto fulfillment. The moment we join together on a transaction, we ensure we provide our very best work for you. Long before we ever we meet, we are preparing, we are proof-checking the paperwork, we are planning an incredible experience without surprises. This means your appointments are swift and protected, We often finish your appointments minutes before they were ever scheduled. Your time and your plans matter to us. You’ve got places to be in this world.

We are not robots, we are real people that deliver a personable and incredible work. We’re on your team as you change your world! You have aligned with your integrity, and now you will leave your mark defining how you will be identified. You’re saying, “This is who I  am”. Learn how we can serve you with your transaction at 

-Patrick Hall

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