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Notary Services for Health Care Appointments | Trust

We understand the importance of notary services for health care appointments, especially when it comes to safeguarding the well-being and legal integrity of our elderly and vulnerable community members. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.
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A notary service for your trust documents

SD Signings can work directly with you or your law firm to notarize your living trust, trust agreement, or other trust documents. Our team is highly skilled in the notarization of these items.
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How It Works

We understand the value of time for you and/or your clients. When it comes meeting with a notary, we have developed efficient methods to make the process swift. If your clients have already read through the documents and are fully prepared, we offer Streamlined Estate plans that can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

1. Mental Capacity Confirmation

Before scheduling your notary appointment, we want to ensure that the signer possesses full mental capacity. This means they should be able to make decisions independently and communicate effectively. In states like California, specific requirements, such as having an ombudsman present, may apply when signing paperwork at nursing homes.

2. Document Preparation

To expedite the process, please confirm that the document is ready and fully completed before your appointment. It’s essential that the signer has been briefed on the document’s content and has had an opportunity to review and understand it.

3. Coordination

Coordinators, whether they are family members or attorneys, will have already informed the signer about the upcoming notary visit. We strive to ensure that the visit is not a surprise and that all parties are well-prepared.

4. Additional Witnesses (if required)

Certain documents may necessitate the presence of additional witnesses. Our team can help coordinate this if needed, though we recommend against involving healthcare facility staff due to potential liability concerns.

5. Legal Questions

If you have any legal questions related to the document, we recommend addressing them with an attorney beforehand. For questions regarding document processing, please direct them to the receiving agency.

During the Appointment

1. Identity Verification

Our notary will verify that the signer’s name on the document matches their identification, ensuring the integrity of the transaction.

2. Appointment Execution

Your notary will meet you at the healthcare facility or the signer’s home, as arranged. If two witnesses are required, we will coordinate their presence and roles to ensure a smooth process. Rest assured, the signing will be conducted professionally, adhering to all healthcare facility rules.

3. Document Record-keeping

We maintain meticulous records, creating an atmosphere for the signing itself, including the signer’s identification details when applicable, to ensure compliance with notary regulations.

4. Document Handling

After the signing, we will retain all documents for notarization. Please note that leaving documents with the signer is unlikely for security and privacy reasons.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Signers

We prioritize the safety and well-being of elderly or fragile signers. If a signer cannot clearly explain their understanding of the documents, we may have to decline the transaction. Our goal is to protect everyone involved and prevent any potential legal issues.

Important Questions for Capacity Assessment

During the appointment, our notary may ask the signer a series of questions to assess their capacity to sign. These questions are designed to ensure that the signer can make informed decisions:

• “Can you explain the purpose of these documents?”
• “Please introduce me to everyone in the room and explain your relationship with them.”
• “What are your thoughts on recent events or decisions?”
• “Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?”
• “How do you feel about the transaction’s purpose, and are you comfortable with it?”

A Trusted Service for Health Facility Notary

We are committed to providing professional notary services for health care appointments while prioritizing the well-being and legal integrity of all parties involved.

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