Notary Responses to Clients & Customers

Why a notary may decline a transaction.

As notaries, we often say “no” for the following reasons:

  • A notary request is outside the parameters of the law
  • There is a better way 
  • We’re not in the business of doing bad work, you called us for good!
The law is meant to protect the community. It really is an agreed format for the minimal amount of protection for our society.  When people attempt to take shortcuts around its rules, a transaction begins to fill with holes, questions, and puts the community at risk. It may look like an easy way to skip a step, but by not taking the time to ensure all is correct up front, the foundations of your transaction are cracked. There will be larger problems down the road that will revisit you. We want everyone protected. 

A good notary meets high standards for solid and seamless transactions.

Notaries won’t take shortcuts, because we want to see you transaction through with excellence ! If a transaction is outside of the law and outside of our protocol, your transaction isn’t valid, protected, it’ll cost you far more down the road, it may not process, and it very well will be questioned with larger consequences. 

We say “no” to an instance so that it may be reorganized for the best possible way, we want your transactions to…

  • Process Seamlessly
  • Stand solidly, and undisputed
  • Be Unquestionable, clear and concise
  • Be a beautiful  experience
  • Aim for a win-win for all parties
  • Protect everyone, including the community
  • Meet highest standards and raising the bar for excellence
  • Bring sustainable long term support
  • Be Awesome